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Who We Are

Harmony Sports Co. began on the baseball fields scattered around North America when players discussed the importance of the mental side of the game.  The connection between the mental and physical is real, and thus Harmony was born. Founder Aaron Nielsen worked with players from all levels of the game to develop a unique business approach and approach to the game. 

When you buy Harmony, you help children fight cancer.  We donate bats to those fighting pediatric cancer.  We discussed how strong having a baseball bat in your hands makes you feel and there is nothing like crushing a baseball!  Our small gift to those going through the battle of their life is to equip them with a "fight club", i.e. Harmony Bat.  We dip into our vast network to arrange encouraging visits to children in hospitals fighting cancer.  We also encourage our reps to seek out opportunities where we can help, and we organize camps or clinics to support kids facing difficult times.


-Aaron Nielsen

Founder of Harmony Bats

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